Car Towing Service Melbourne

Rear quarter view of a tow truck towing a broken down, nondescript, older model vehicle on a secondary highway.

Hire Cheap Car Towing Services in Melbourne

There is nothing worse than a car breakdown to hamper your day’s plan! While you are zipping to and from the CBD or heading out to the bayside, you might end up stuck on the highway with an empty fuel gauge or an overheated engine. Having a well-trained, authorised and cheap car towing services in and around Melbourne coming to your aide might just ease the stress! Wrecker Melbourne is just a call away and we will get you and your car out of traffic and have you headed to the nearest mechanic!

Accidents happen all the time, getting rear-ended or having fender benders in the busy streets of Melbourne is not an uncommon sight. No ordinary non-licensed towing service can be availed in such a situation, only an authorised and licensed services for car towing Melbourne can be called. We, at Wrecker Melbourne, are such a registered car towing Melbourne services.  Ensuring all the traffic regulations and consumer laws are met, we cater to your post-accident car in the most time and cost-effective manner.

Our car towing services in Melbourne is more than a cheap service, we pride ourselves in providing reliable, affordable and regulatory compliant towing services, so you can feel assured of your car in the good hands of Wrecker Melbourne.

Wish To Hire Scrap Car Towing?

Tow truck driver securely strapping a wrecked car in preparation for towing it.

Have scrap car in your garage? Give us a call and we will not just clear out your garage and make space, you get paid in Cash for your Scraps!

Yeah! Make some money with the junk car towing! We at Wrecker Melbourne are 100% specialised metal recyclers, giving you the option to be environmentally conscious and a sustainable method to getting rid of your junk car! With our free scrap car towing services, you can scrap your ruined car for a neat cash payout. We provide excellent same day services round the clock. That’s 24*7 scrap car towing services at your dispense.

Give us a call for free scrap car towing and get ready to make some money!

Reliable Junk Car Towing Services

Have a run-down family car that is not worth the cost of repairs? Want to get rid of the pile-of-metal car? Now you can do that for free and in the most sustainable way and make some wholesome cash while you are at it!

Sometimes, your good-old wheels could be much beyond repair, and the cost of repair overrides that value of the car itself. What do you do then? Instead of letting that car rust in your garage, you can dispose the car and feel good while doing that! How? Just call our 24*7 junk car towing services and we will come pick-up your junk to recycle it! Our junk car towing services are free and as soon as we get a value approved, you get paid with a receipt and all paperwork in line!

Enjoy free Junk Car Towing Services at Wrecker Melbourne – 100% authorised and licensed metal recycler offering to recycle old cars, trucks, scrap metals in and around Melbourne.

Be responsible for nature and say good riddance to your no-use car without a tinge of guilt! Completely hassle-free junk clearance for you!

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