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Wrecker Melbourne alias Laverton Scrape Metal helps turn trash in cash! Instead of having your wrecked car collect dust or pay for someone to get rid of it, you can give us a call and make some money off your junk.

We are one of the premier car wrecker services in Laverton, Vic. We are one of the best wreckers in Laverton north that provide of car disposal services.

We have years of experience developing sustainable methods of disposing off of metal wastes that come from vehicles.

We take in all kinds of vehicles like:

  • Cars
  • Bikes
  • Trucks
  • Jeeps
  • Vans
  • Buses

Don’t let your wrecked car be a loss for you when you can make money by disposing it off with us.

Scrap Metal Collection

Car Wreckers Laverton

We use sustainable and environmentally positive methods to do our recycling. We believe that in treating nature and environment with respect, especially when getting rid of heavy materials such as cars. These cars generally come with a lot of other waste materials besides the metal.

What we do when we receive the car is:

  • Clear out the interiors of the car
  • Removed any chemicals and fluids
  • Remove any excess waste inside the car that could be harmful during the process
  • Getting rid of the glass pieces in the car
  • Removing any and all plastic materials in the car

After removing all the pieces, we try to salvage all the pieces of the car that can be resold and put to use. We believe in reusing and recycling parts as much as possible to help maintain a healthy environment. While we at Laverton Scrap Metals relish business, we keep in mind not to hurt the environment around us in the process.

Laverton Auto Wreckers

One of the best parts about Wrecker Melbourne is that you don’t have to go out of your way into the city to drop off your car! We are right here in Laverton in close proximity to our customers. We put efforts into making sure that our work doesn’t affect the areas around us. We are 100% certified by Australian boards to perform the kind of work we do. We maintain an air of responsibility when conducting these processes. In addition, we constantly update ourselves with industry standards to ensure that we are on the right side at every point of time. 

Auto Wreckers Laverton

If you have a wrecked care that you’re trying to get rid of, look no further than Wrecker Melbourne. We offer high quality services that help you get rid of any metal junk and scraps you might want to get rid off.

Give us a call to find out exactly how you can get started today! We can come pick up your vehicle or you can come drop it off at our workshop.

You can reach us on 0423457786. Or you can drop by our workshop in Laverton.

Our customers constantly recommend us to other folks and that’s how we’ve managed to work on hundreds of thousands of cars. So find out today how you can make some money with us by scrapping your car!

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