Holden Car Wreckers Melbourne Western Suburbs


 Wrecker Melbourne ensure that all the necessary steps are followed to make sure that your old vehicle is taken care of. Why let a vehicle collect dust in the garage when you can give it to us and collect cash instead? Our experts find the best possible ways to ensure that every part of the car goes to the best use. 

Here are the general steps we follow: 

  • We either pick it up from your location or you can drop it off at our workshop in Laverton 
  • We do a thorough inspection of the car to check all the parts and ensure that everything is taken care of 
  • Our expert gives you a quote 
  • On agreement on the quote, we begin to strip away piece of the car to its final metal shell 
  • We take out the fluids in the car and ensure that everything chemical is disposed off properly 
  • Then the reusable parts of the car is salvaged and put away 
  • All plastics/stuffings and glass pieces are removed from the car 
  • And your car is ready! 

Holden Wreckers Laverton

At  Wrecker Melbourne, we take in any kind of vehicle. It doesn’t matter to us what size, shape, model or make it is. All of it can taken care of! We are open to taking : 

  • Cars 
  • Bikes 
  • Motorcycles 
  • Vans 
  • Caravans 
  • Yutes
  • And many more! 

We want to make sure all of these are put to good use and can be disposed off properly. We respect the environment we work in and do our best not to harm it in any. To find out more about our environmentally friendly practices you can give us a call

Holden Wreckers Melbourne Western Suburbs

There are many positives to working with our company. We have a lot of benefits like: 

  • 24/7 quality and friendly service that will spoil you! 
  • Friendly and efficient customer service experts 
  • Quick inspections by experienced buyers 
  • Fair and excellent rates for your cars 
  • Responsible methods of disposal
  • 100% authorised by the Victorian government 

You can be sure that you are working with a company of quality once you hand in your car. Our work speaks for ourselves! And our years of experience can only be credited to our loyal customers. We are recommended on a daily basis for our impeccable services. 

Holden Car Wreckers Melbourne

Make the best out of your old car and give us a call today! We make sure that we take care of your problem for you. We can come pick up the vehicle and you can come drop it off at our workshop in Laverton yourself! Get rid of the hassle and make some money with Wrecker Melbourne. 

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