Mazda Car Wreckers Melbourne Western Suburbs


Mazda is just one of the brands we work in Wrecker Melbourne. We have a wide range of reusable parts for Mazda cars as well. 

Why take the trouble of going to a Mazda dealership and getting rid of your car when we can give you cash for it? Make some money with us by making the best out of your unwanted car.

We follow a rigorous procedure before we crush your car to ensure that we are careful about how we scrap all the parts. 

  • Once we have scheduled a pick up or drop off we examine the car top to bottom
  • We then ask you a few questions about the history of the car 
  • We require photo ID and preferably proof of ownership of the car 
  • All reusable parts of the car are removed 
  • All harmful fluids are removed so as to not intermix with the scrap metal 

The final product is then scrapped and put to better use! All of this is done and you make money!

Mazda Wreckers Melbourne Western Suburbs

We value the cars that we bring in with the help of experienced buyers that analyse the prospects of the car and the condition. Based on the model, make and use of the car, the price is fixed and then we make the payment. 

Depending on how you would refer we administer the payment by:

  • Cash deposit
  • Wire transfer 

Our company provides some of the best rates for scrap cars and the value can go upto 17,000$

So why let you old Mazda collect does when you can collect cash? 

Our aim is to ensure we responsibly get rid of scrap cars and make sure that we have safe practices with our business. 

So forget about worrying about how to sell your car when you can just drive it over to us and get started on making money! 

Mazda Auto Wreckers

We take all kinds of Mazdas into our workshops. No matter what the make or the model of the car, we will have a price for you! 

Whether it is: 

  • Miata 
  • CX-3 
  • CX-5
  • MX-5

We are one of the premier car compacting services in Melbourne and there are many benefits to working with us : 

  • 24/7 high quality services 
  • Highly qualified customer service professionals to help you 
  • Best rates for old cars 
  • Environmentally responsible and safe 
  • 100% authorised! 

Find out more about how we can make you some money. You can either bring in your car into the workshop or you can give us a call and we can come in for an inspection immediately! 

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