Mercedes Benz Car Wreckers Melbourne


At Wrecker Melbourne, we can come pick up your Mercedes and give you a quote within 24 hours. It’s that quick! We help speed up the process by providing our quality services and experts to ensure that everything is done with professionalism. Our expert buyers are well-informed on the prices of cars and their prices and always offer the best rate for the cars we have brought to our yard. 

There are many benefits to working with a company like ours. 

  • We take the time to understand your needs 
  • 24/7 high quality services 
  • Friendly and expert customer service experts 
  • Expert buyers 
  • Best rates
  • Fair analysis of the car 
  • 100% authorised services! 

Mercedes Benz Wreckers Melbourne

No matter what Mercedes it is, we at Wrecker Melbourne take in every model and ensure that we make the most out of it. Like : 

  • G-Class 
  • S-Class 
  • GLC- Class 
  • C- Class  

They are inspected top to bottom by our experts in the workshop. You can drive your vehicle down to us in Laverton or we can come pick it up for you! 

Ensure that whatever leftover scrap metal you have not including your car is also sent in through us. That way you can get more cash for everything you want to scrap. Why leave your car in the garage, when you can get it scrapped and make some quick money. 

Thanks to our years of experience we know exactly what to do with each and every part of your vehicle. We work with highly experienced mechanics to ensure that we are constantly up to industry standards and have relevant practices. Find out more by checking out the rest of our website or give us a call today!

Mercedes Car Wreckers Melbourne

We follow a series of steps to ensure that every part of the car is put to good use. Here are some of the steps we generally go through: 

  • A thorough inspection by one of our expert buyers to ensure that the car gets analysed at the right rate 
  • All reusable parts of the car are removed and set aside for future use 
  • We remove any and all dangerous fluids from the car to ensure that we can safely dispose of it 
  • Any glass pieces in the car are removed as well
  • All the other wastes like plastics, car sets etc are removed as well to ensure that we can put it into the compactor and get rid of it properly. 

Mercedes Wreckers Laverton

We follow these steps to make sure our measure do no hurt the environment and ensure that everything is disposed off safely. To find out more about what we do and the kind of processes we follow, give us a call today

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