Scrap Metal Recycling Melbourne


Enjoy the benefits of steel recycling in Melbourne without having to go into the city! At Wrecker Melbourne, we ensure that every part of your metal wastes are taken care of in an environmentally friendly manner. In addition to vehicles and other types of scrap, we also copper recycling in Melbourne.

We take care of any waste you might want to get rid of by following a series of steps:

  • Once we receive a call, we either come in to pick up the scrap free of charge or you can bring it into the workshop directly.
  • We then remove any and all toxic parts of the metals, for example; in the case of car we removal all the fluid that might be in the engines.
  • All plastics and removables from the vehicles are removed
  • Glass piece from the car is removed
  • We then strip the car of its reusable parts so that they can be upcycled

The final product is then ready for recycling!

At Wrecker Melbourne, we want to take your trash and turn it into cash!

Scrap Metal Collection

Metal Recycling Melbourne

We offer some of the best services in Melbourne that offer recycling services.
Our benefits and services include:

  • 24/7 friendly and experienced customer service
  • Experienced buyers that have industry knowledge
  • Free pick up of metal wastes or you can drop it off at our workshop
  • Cash deposits immediately after inspection
  • Excellent rates for your items
  • Close to western suburbs
  • Environmentally friendly practices

At Wrecker Melbourne, we ensure that all of you wastes are taken care off in an appropriate manner. Any and all toxic parts of the metal is removed and disposed off in a safe manner. We take all the steps we can to ensure that our work does not harm the environment around us.

Melbourne Metal Recycling

Take the extra steps to ensure that your wastes are being taken care of while making some money!

At Wrecker Melbourne, we work towards getting rid of our customers metal wastes while making use of every recyclable part of your item. With cars especially, we ensure that every part of your vehicle is taken care of. Cars and other kind of vehicles often comes with toxic materials like gas and fluids. We ensure that we take care of the chemicals in a safe manner, before completing the process with the rest of the car.

To find out more about how we can help get rid of your metal wastes in Melbourne, come down to the Laverton workshop or give us a call to know more!

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