Nissan Wreckers in Melbourne


At Wrecker Melbourne, we consider ourselves experts of Nissan auto wreckers. We are all about making sure our customers get a step ahead by getting the best rates. We follow a set of rules to ensure that we are always getting rid of all the cars we buy in a safe and sustainable manner. We can come pick up your car free of charge or you can drive it down to our yard if that is more convenient. 

We take in all models of Nissan! No matter how old it is or what it is, we ensure we take care of the problem for you. We take in models like : 

  • Sunny 
  • Micra 
  • GT-R
  • Terrano 
  • Micra Active 

We make sure we salvage and re-use every part of your car to ensure that every part is put to good use. We find it important to take care of our environment and fully promote recycling parts. This ensure that there is a cap on unnecessary production rates. The cars are valued by expert buyers that inspect every part of the car.  

Nissan Wreckers Melbourne

We take in every kind of vehicle to ensure that all these waste items can be recycled properly and put to good use. No matter what the size of the vehicle, we ensure we find a systematic way to get rid of it. 

We take in : 

  • Cars 
  • Bikes 
  • Buses 
  • Caravans 
  • Boats 
  • And other vehicles

We make sure that whatever vehicle we have in our lot ,we ensure that all the parts are either recycled or disposed off properly. This ensures that we are taking care of our carbon footprint as much as possible. You can speak to us in person to understand more about this process! 

Nissan Car Wreckers Melbourne

You might be asking, how can I make some quick money from my old, beat up car? 

Look no further because Wrecker Melbourne has got you covered ! Enjoy two benefits for the price of one. 

Get rid of your old junk for some cash!  At Laverton Scrap Metal, we wish to responsibly get rid of metal wastes while you get to make some cash! 

Once our experts inspect your car, we’ll be able to make a quote that is fair. We can then transfer it to you through the following methods: 

  • Cash deposit 
  • Wire transfer 
  • Cheque 

The choice is upto you!

Make use of our excellent services at Laverton! You won’t even have to go as far as the city with us. Or if you’d like us to pick up your car, you can give us a call to arrange for us to come in at a time that is convenient to you!

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