Subaru Car Wreckers Melbourne West


Get a step ahead with Wrecker Melbourne! With our customers we ensure that they get the best rates for the cars they get. We take any and all kinds of vehicles into our yard and make the best out of each and every part in the vehicle. Whether they are: 

  • Cars 
  • SUVs
  • Boats 
  • Trucks 
  • Buses 
  • Caravans etc. 

We take in any kind of vehicle no matter what size, make or model. 

Subaru Auto Wreckers

We take in all kinds of Subaru models at Wrecker Melbourne! We take in : 

  • Impreza 
  • Legacy 
  • Crosstek 
  • Forester 
  • Outback 
  • Ascent 
  • BRZ
  • And many more! 

No matter what year the model is from we still take it in because we will be able to salvage at least a few of the parts. We take a lot of measures to ensure that vehicles that are not fit for the road is disposed off properly. We believe in taking care of our surroundings and making sure we are not harming it. 

Subaru Wreckers Laverton

At Wrecker Melbourne, we follow a rigorous set of protocols that we do to ensure that everything goes off smoothly: 

  • Once we receive the car we inspect it immediately
  • Our experts take a look at all aspects of the car to ensure that it is safe for compacting
  • We ask you a few simple questions about the car 
  • You are required to have photo id so that registration and other things like insurance can be checked 
  • We then remove all the fluid in the car to ensure environmentally sustainable disposal
  • These fluids are disposed off in a 100% safe manner 
  • Any reusable parts are removed
  • Glass pieces are disposed off 
  • And the car shell is ready to scrap! 

Subaru Car Wreckers Melbourne

Whatever process we follow, we ensure that every part of the car is taken care of. There are many benefits to working with our company. Some of them include: 

  • Quality services that are available 24/7
  • Interact with extremely friendly and helpful staff 
  • Get the best rates for your scrap cars 
  • Ensuring that you’re getting rid of your wastes in an environmentally safe manner
  • Expert buyers to ensure that you get a fair analysis about your car 

We believe in giving our customers the best treatment. We are lucky enough to have years of experience due to loyal customers that recommend us due to our consistent and reliable service! 

To find out more about us, you can drop us a mail, give us a call or do it the old fashioned way and walk into our workshop and speak to us in person! 

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