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Truck Towing

In a cosmopolitan city like Melbourne, trucks keep the lifeline going by transporting goods and cargo. Trucks are working round the clock and carrying such heavy loads could put a lot of stress on the trucks various working parts, and at one point or another, they are bound to breakdown in the middle of the road.

We at Wrecker Melbourne, one of most reliable truck towing companies in Melbourne, understand the need for safe and efficient truck towing services, to ensure that your truck and the cargo it carries reach their destination, with a little detour to a mechanic. Our towing trucks are sturdy, well-maintained, rugged machines capable of efficiently towing your trucks to the safety of a mechanic or wherever you wish us to take it to.

You could give us a call from anywhere in and around Melbourne at any time of the day, and you’ll be taken care of by our friendly and well-trained team. We assure you of quality and timely truck towing services and make sure that your truck breaking-down isn’t the highlight of your day, but only a small glitch in your trucking plans!

There Are So Many Service Providers, Why Should You Call Us?

Wrecker Melbourne is 100% authorised and licensed Truck Towing Company in Melbourne.

  • We are available 24*7, our friendly and capable team will receive your call and make sure to dispatch towing trucks to reach you soon.
  • If you are met with an accident, you can only call a registered and licensed truck towing servicelike Wrecker Melbourne. We adhere to the regulatory norms and know exactly what needs to be done. We won’t fumble.
  • We use state-of-the-art equipment, that is well maintained and in great conditions. So, you can be assured of the most reliable and dependabletruck towing services. We won’t fail you.
  • We know the routes and roads very well to navigate through traffic and get to moving sooner than you expect.

Highly Recommended Truck & Semi Truck Towing Company in Melbourne

We, at Wrecker Melbourne, have been the go-to truck towing company for many of our satisfied truck owners, looking for sustainable and environmentally healthy way to get rid of their beyond-repair trucks.

Trucks unlike other vehicles are built to haul heavy loads over long distances, and as such are worn out and become unsalvageable after a decade or so. As an owner, you might be compelled to make a choice, whether to spend the money on repairs on your aged truck or to sell it for scraps. This is where Wrecker Melbourne’s truck towing services come in to help you.

We will take the hassle of getting rid of your clunker of a truck by towing it for FREE and you get to make a tidy sum of money!

Your old unused truck can still be of value! Hire our truck towing services Today!

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